for: Patricia Waters

Santa Fe Arts Institute [SFAI], July 2015

New Mexico –
White Sands National Park
Gran Quivira National Monument
Pecos National Park

Audio Design: G. K. Velush


sun dried terracotta [cast from my face]
[shaw & hood]
macramed military parachute cords
emergency blankets
golden mediation ball, wood, gold leaf, magnets
rocks [from New Mexico]

VAGABOND is a series that addresses the nomadic condition within the American culture, the practice of moving from place to place without feeling a connection to home. This work comes from my own experiences of being born in California and then moving to Guam, Okinawa, Japan, Tennessee, Hawaii, and then Connecticut where my working studio resides. By always being in a state of flux and momentum an ability to view landscapes, language, and cultures through a diverse lens and absorb each in different ways is developed.

As I journey with the VAGABOND character through each project, I hope to map a trail of connections that reinforces a feeling of unity while eliminating differences. Spinning a thread of commonality with each place and people, allowing a space to value and celebrate the unique fabric that makes up this complex North America.