PART III: Dreamtime

3 SISTERS: Dreamtime | Cat’s Cradle and the Lost Magic Bone [Stolen Dreams]
Produced at Bilpin International Grounds for Creative Initiatives (BigCi), Bilpin, New South Wales, Australia, July 2016.

Part III is referenced from Australian Aboriginal stories told about the Three Sisters Blue Mountains in Katoomba, NSW. Read currently told story here.

The practice of string games has been incorporated to speak to one of the commonalities both Aboriginal and European-descendants in Australia practiced prior to the first contact.

Stolen Dreams | Between 1910-1970, many Indigenous children were forcibly removed from their families as a result of various government policies. The generations of children removed under these policies became known as the Stolen Generations. The policies of child removal left a legacy of trauma and loss that continues to affect Indigenous communities, families, and individuals.

3sisters3_hands 3sisters3_still04
Performers: Madeleine Tuynman | Lucy Ward | Emily Yali  [Cat’s Cradle]

Trina Lord | Jane Nason | James Eugene

New Bedford Museum of Art/Artworks!
New Bedford, MA
October 07-November 20, 2016