PART I: Lost Myth (2013)

PART II: SustainABLE (2014)

PART III: Dreamtime (2016)


3 SISTERS is a three part multi-media video series referencing Indigenous Northern American and Aboriginal Australian three sister stories. The work focuses on the importance of the oral tradition and storytelling in a contemporary context. Locations are chosen in connection with where the stories are told and originate from. Each aspect of the work is created from materials that are found or connected to place. I aim to create characters in the work that resonate as powerful feminist protagonists. I want to place the viewer in the role of voyeur to the foreign like other characters I have created hoping to raise the question of ‘Where does one place themselves in connection to Postcolonial America?’ I am also interested in creating a series that focuses on the oral tradition as a valuable means to communicate and tradition to practice, by incorporating these stories as a foundation for each video work.

Part I – Lost Myth [Sisters, Oregon – Caldera Arts Center]
Part II – SustainABLE [North Carolina – Elsewhere Living Museum]
Part III – Dreamtime: Cat’s Cradle and the Lost Bone ‘Stolen Dreams’ [Bilpin, NSW, Australia – BigCi]